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OkCupid 10 rate Touted as one of the best online dating sites on the internet, OkCupid has millions of users from all over the world and its community of singles is only expanding. Find out more about this amazing site! View Now Similar Websites Viewed Post a Review

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Touted as one of the best online dating sites on the internet, OkCupid has millions of users from all over the world and its community of singles is only expanding. Find out more about this amazing site!


In addition to being completely free, the registration process on OkCupid is also amazingly simple and hassle-free. In fact, the website itself boasts that signing up only takes 2 minutes. What you’ll need to do to sign up is stating your sexual orientation (straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or other more obscure options, like “demisexual” or simply just “queer”) and gender.

Once done, you’ll just need to input the usual stuff like birth date, location, email address, a username and a password. Or, you could take a shortcut and connect to your Facebook so the website can import the information it needs to your OkCupid account.


Are you ready to get to the more “grueling” stuff? Awesome! You’ll first be prompted to write a description from the perspective of your best friend and also upload a profile photo. Then you’ll just need to answer 10 short and simple yes or no questions, such as “are you a morning person?” and “could you date someone who was really messy?”

After you’re done, you can get right to the matching part of the site. However, to increase your chances, it’s best to first head over to your profile and in fill in the missing parts such as your favorite books, movies, shows, music and food, things you’re good at and 6 things you couldn’t do without. You can also upload more photos of yourself doing various things that you enjoy.

The best part though is answering more questions about yourself so other people can know who you are, with a little more depth, and allowing them more information to decide whether they are compatible with you or not. Any additional information you provide also helps improve the matching system on OkCupid and boosts up your highest possible match, so be sure to spend some time here as well!


OkCupid has a pretty awesome matching algorithm. Unlike many other websites that makes their matching system fully automated, this site uses a system that learns depending on the choices you make, in addition to the information you provide as well. At the beginning, OkCupid will ask you to pick 3 people that you find attractive and the system can continue on from there. This is a much better and accurate system compared to some sites that have the machine do everything for you without any actual input (besides physical data) from you.

There are 2 ways you can browse for matches – manually or using the quick match option, which feels a lot like the “I’m feeling lucky” option on Google Search, as it immediately gives you a dating candidate who is within the pool of people that you have a high match percentage with. For manual browsing though, you can easily sort through the throng of potential dates using the many filters provided such as match percentage, distance, last online, and who’s new. There’s even a “special blend” option that recommends some of the more unique candidates on the site!

Communication Options

OkCupid is free to communicate as well unlike some other sites that place restrictions on this very basic feature on an online dating site. You can either send the person a message directly or you could give him, or her, a “like” instead. As you can get OkCupid as an app on your mobiles, you can actually be on OkCupid almost 24/7. Opens up more of your time, especially during those idle moments during transit, to search for and communicate with your potential partners.

General Look

OkCupid has a clean and simple-to-navigate interface that is foolproof. Even people with limited computer skills can easily use the site. The website also features a simplistic design and theme with calm colors which give the site a pretty good vibe.

Special Features

There are a few features in OkCupid that are pretty special. For instance, there’s this new feature called the “incognito mode” that allows you to hand-pick who sees you on OkCupid, giving you total control of your visibility.

For those who are concerned about safety, OkCupid also has a predator alert tool which is technically a reporting system that allows users to flag suspicious behavior or a match question that is inappropriate. Users that are flagged (and confirmed by a moderator) will have a blocky red square around their portraits.


OkCupid is a free site, so you can do almost everything there for free. However, there is a subscription option called the “A-List” whereby you can gain access to additional features like knowing who “likes” you, have advanced match search options, browse profiles invisibly, message read receipts and many more. The subscription packages on offer include 1 month, 3 months and 6 month packages. Naturally, the “per month” rates will decrease as you purchase packages that offer more months.


All in all, OkCupid is one of the top online dating sites due to a plethora of good reasons. The site boasts of having a lot of happy marriage stories and successful matches, making it a really good site for anyone, even if you are totally new to the online dating arena, to try out. So, do go ahead and sign up for a great OkCupid experience today!

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by Aethyna Oct 29, 2015
Touted as one of the best online dating sites on the internet, OkCupid has millions of users from all over the world and its community of singles is only expanding. Find out more about this amazing site! Setting up a profile Finding that someone Fun profiles Read More
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