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How About We 9 rate Post a date idea and get together on this unique “offline” online dating site, How About We. After all, its motto states that “All It Takes is One Date”!
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Post a date idea and get together on this unique “offline” online dating site, How About We. After all, its motto states that “All It Takes is One Date”!


Registering for How About We is very simple. It’s almost (strong emphasis on the word “almost”) like signing up for any other website on the internet. You first have to state your sexual orientation (straight, gay, bi) and gender (man or woman), then you’ll be brought to the usual sign up page whereby you’ll have to fill in some information such as your birth date, first name, email address, password and the zip code to your home address.

Once done, you’ll be brought directly to the next page, the “Tell Us About You” page, to fill in your profile particulars.


For profile information, the site will guide you through the information filling-in process. You’ll start by providing details on what you do for a living, your educational level, your political leanings, ethnicity, exercise habits, smoking, drinking, and your faith. You can even select how important having a match with the same political view and/or religion is to you.

After you’re done, it’s time to get a nice photo of you uploaded to the site. You can also add more photos later on. There are also optional questions that you’ll have to answer in full, such as “describing an awesome place you’ve visited”, “your perfect Sunday” and “the movie I’ve watched the most times”.

The most interesting part that makes How About We the unique online dating site that it is is posting a date idea. You can describe – briefly, mind you – about your date idea in the box provided and you can even set a location to meet your potential date in.


Matches are done automatically and the results of the matchmaking will then be presented to you via The Pool. You can see their date suggestions as well as some general information about the person there. Once you’ve done your digging around in their profile pages, you can then decide to “heart” his or her suggestion or “reject” it. You can do this for as many potential dates as you like, but you can only view 1 candidate at a time.

For the Connection section, you’ll be presented with 9 potential candidates around your area with their date suggestions and some brief info – much like what you’d see in The Pool. You’ll only get a new list after you’ve “marked” each of the candidates there.

You could also get out on a date on that very night by using the site’s Tonight feature. The site will match up all the singles that are eager to go out for that exact night and match them with you. You’ll immediately get a single match – it does feel a bit like Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature, right? Anyway, after being matched, both of you can make plans and just go out. It’s admittedly a bit more spontaneous, which might not be a very comfortable thing for some people, but it’s a lot faster and it works... for the short term at least.

If you prefer to do your searches manually, there’s a search option where you can select the filters you want and well, just “google” (using the search function on How About We) for compatible matches.

Communication Options

How About We is an online dating site that surprisingly encourages “offline” dating, meaning actual dates. Thus, the site has really basic online communication options, but that’s okay as it is mainly there to facilitate people making plans for their actual dates in real life. It is, after all, easier to see if there’s a spark and this system is particularly suited for people who prefer face-to-face conversations rather than messaging to and fro on a website.

General Look

How About We is an online dating site that looks very simple, though some sections, such as its Connection and The Pool sections seem to be serving the same purpose on the site. That being said, due to its simplicity, navigation is definitely not going to be a problem on the website.

Special Features

It offers a huge variety of ways to search for potential dates, including The Pool, Connections, Search and of course, the more spontaneous, Tonight. These features are explained in detail in the Matches section of the review.


Registration for the site is free and so is checking it out. However, if you really want to get things started, you will need to purchase one of the 2 plans available. The basic plans, which include packages for 3, 6 and 12 month memberships, will give you full access to the site, without any of the extras. If you’d like to enjoy extra benefits like being able to browse anonymously and change your username, you’ll need to subscribe to the premium plans for one of these 3 packages - 3, 6 and 12 months.


All in all, How About We is a very unique online dating service that actually encourages people to meet offline in actual dates. Like the site often states, it puts the “date” back into “dating”. It is also a really impressive website that offers a load of ways in which you can find potential matches easily and in whichever way you like. Thus, if you prefer face-to-face interaction rather than online chatting when meeting an interesting stranger, How About We is a great site to go to. So, how about we check out “How About We” today?

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New Dating Sites Added: How About We

by Aethyna Nov 3, 2015
Post a date idea and get together on this unique “offline” online dating site, How About We. After all, its motto states that “All It Takes is One Date”!
Date how you want to How about we App All it takes is one date Read More
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