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With a detailed matching system and a really smooth look eHarmony has a great chance of helping you find what you are looking for.


The registration process here takes a little bit of time, but filling in your details is fun and the way it is presented is nice. You just have to click on different ratings and make your choices on the screen as you move forward, there are also areas where you can fill in any information you want such as the 3 things you are most thankful for, or what you want out of life.

As you go through the process the website keeps you motivated with useful tips and pointers that will help you succeed, and many of the questions ask are about your personality rather than what you do. This helps them to create a better match for you and the actually it can be quite fun to fill it all in.

At the end you will then be taken to the payments page where you can see the different options, there was no easy way to get off the page, but if you click on the eHarmony logo on the top left, or refresh the page you can go into the more detailed profile page. All in all it may seem like there is too much to fill in, but the time is worth it and it saves you having to fill in more details later on.


Once you are set up and registered you can upload a photo and start to organise the look of your profile. This is an important page and on this particular dating site it is really good. The layout means you can present yourself really well, and when you check out the matches all the information you could want is there.

There are also lots of pieces of information you can fill in, such as your favorite movies, books or what the most important things to you are. There is even a special section of questions you can fill in in stages or all at once that give more details about you, from what you find romantic to if you believe in aliens and everything in between.

eHarmony also provides you with lots of useful tips to help you succeed, and there is a guide page that is emailed to you that covers the best way to make your profile stand to those others that will come across the page.


When a match is found for you there will be an email sent to you, and there is a screen where you can see all of the profiles of people that the website thinks will be good for you. It does take a little bit of time for the first matches to show, it is not an instant list unlike some other sites. However when they do arrive it is really well presented.

You also have the option to set up more details on the kind of matches you want to see. You can pick the ages, ethnicity and much more about the profiles that you see. There is the option to hide them from your view or even block profiles should you wish.

Communication Options

Once you have a person you would like to chat to there are a lot of options for you, some of them are only open to the higher premium packages but there are some available to all members. The first way of communicating is to send a message to the person, there are also smiles and other emoticons you can send.

One of the best features is called Secure Call, and this allows you to have phone conversations with your matches, without ever revealing your own personal number. A special phone number is given to you by eHarmony and your match has a similar code. You can just dial to each other and talk as much as you want without revealing your own real number. There is an online phone book of numbers and you can manage them anyway you want to.

General Look

eHarmony looks amazing, the website itself, how you manage your profile and matches as well as the application process are all brilliantly laid out. Moving around is easy and you can find your matches each day or send messages and communicate with the click of 1 button. With a really polished feel there is a lot that is good about the way this website is designed.

Special Features

Outside of the amazing Secure Call there is also something called the Book of You, on a basic level it takes all of your profile information you created and gives you a brief breakdown of your personality divided into different headers. You have a score in each section, and this is used to help find your matches, but there are many more options available to you in the premium mode where you can do much more with it.


You can register to the site for free, and update your profile as well as see your matches. There are limits placed on how many messages and who you can send them too on a free account. There are then 2 types of paid account, with a monthly fee applied to each of them. The basic plans allow you to see the pictures of your matches as well as know who saw your profile and you have unlimited messages. The Total Connect package also gives you access to the Book of You and the Secure Call system too. There are several payment plans available for different lengths of time.


eHarmony is a really impressive service, with a detail that some dating sites just can not match. There is a big success record for them, and the details of happy stories are available for all to see. Your experience here should be a good one even if you don’t find a match as their look and feel really help you get motivated.

Their help and article pages are really nice and can give you some really good advice and help keep you motivated. Overall there is a lot of great things about eHarmony that will keep you coming back.

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With a detailed matching system and a really smooth look eHarmony has a great chance of helping you find what you are looking for. eHarmony Profile Page test 1 test 2 Read More
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