TrueView’s New Dating Sidekick

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To ease on the effects of online dating on singles, TrueView has developed a new app that acts like a digital support (see: sidekick). What is it actually? Let's find out! Diary of a Dater - TrueView’s New Dating Sidekick

Online dating is tiresome, and metaphorically speaking, you are a honey bee going from flower to flower in search of collecting some honey. Sounds crazy? You should try online dating then. To ease on the effects of online dating on singles, TrueView has developed a new app that acts like a digital support (see: sidekick).

The app has been under the covers for years and only now have TrueView revealed it. The app takes advantage of a face recognition algorithm and the company’s patent-pending scraping tool for online dating, which lets the user know if the person they are meeting is single.

Find single people with TrueView’s Digital sidekick

Picture this, you are at a party, and you spot a girl you like but don’t know her name. In this situation the sidekick would come real handy, as the company’s main goal was to improve natural offline connections, rather than relying on a static webpage of online dating. This is single people’s heaven, as this app would help people get over the eternal question: “what if she has a boyfriend?”

The co-founder of the company, Matt Verity argues that the current status of online dating is a hiatus, as it has become fragmented as ever, and people have to fit to a trending style group to get noticed. Sure, you can swipe left whomever you don’t like without having to go through the painfully awkward situation of rejecting them on their face, but what if you found out he/she was indeed great looking and the camera didn’t do justice to their face? He further adds that the digital assistant would help people finding their special one and boost their confidence.

What are the possible implications for this digital sidekick?

So what does it mean for the world? Did TrueView make it a better place? Well, for starters, TrueView became the hero of all single people in this world, male and female. Other than that, the app would be reshaping the landscape of offline dating, and perhaps just like Pokemon Go, push people to meet new people every day. Not just bars, this app works anywhere, and for this your phone must have a strong internet connection.

However, ask yourself, how does this app actually work? Once you have selected a person you like and want to know if he/she is really interested, you can point your phone camera at this person. The app works its magic under its hood, matches the person in the camera’s focus with a face recognition software and fetches their dating profile once a successful match has been made. You might ask, what would I do if the person notices you taking clicks? What does this app do to protect people’s privacy?

There are more questions to ask, like, does the app removes a profile of someone who has found love, or do committed people have no entry here? Moreover, the human eye itself can make mistakes while recognizing someone, as many factors go into us recognizing a face, like lighting for instance, if inadequate or angular, we might take the said person to be someone else.

Since the eyes itself have a high margin of error, how trustable is a face recognition software? Well, you have to take the app with a pinch of salt. Sometimes you might hit bull’s eye, and it might not work for you some other time.

There is, however, an alternative to the awkward situation that arises if a person catches you pointing a camera at their face. Just go up to the person and ask if you can take a picture of them, and if they ask why just make up a story that you are actually testing out your new camera phone. Most people comply, and you take this chance to see if they are single at all or not. It sounds far fetched from an idea, but hey, it’s better than a rejection and a lawsuit all in the same day.

The app would be welcomed by many, and TrueView is hoping to get much out of this app, as they believe in changing the world for the better. With many users this app will generate, there would be required an effective way to handle all the uptime loads on the company’s servers, but TrueView says not to worry, as they are working to solve any problem than can arise out of an overloaded server with requests.

Future Prediction: Will This Sidekick be Appreciated?

The digital sidekick is sure to break some records with its revolutionary attributes, and although not open to many people, the app would become a worldwide phenomenon in a short time. If you are single and are looking for a guy or a girl to meet, try this app, maybe it can help you find the one true love? Only time and market competition would tell how the app fares in the app market, but for now, it has created quite a buzz with its unique features.

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