The Art of E-Flirting

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Anybody who has flirted before knows that flirting isn’t easy... and more so if it's done online. So, here are some tips for you so you could easily master the art of e-flirting! Diary of a Dater - The Art of E-Flirting

Anybody who has flirted before knows that flirting isn’t easy. You can conquer a country through war, create a billion-dollar empire, explore the galaxy and come back fighting aliens on the way. You can do all this, and not muster up enough courage to flirt with the person you like. How difficult is it? It is difficult if you choose to believe it. If you keep thinking what you say might not be liked by the other person and not even try, you are in for a loss. Internet is there for the shy people, and internet is where they feel comfortable. Thanks to the numerous dating websites and Facebook, a lot of people flirt online. You can search up many tips on flirting online, but are they enough?

#1 Start with a bang

Or something that intrigues the other person into talking with you. A simple hey or hi wouldn’t work, unless you are a really good looking person or a billionaire on a yacht. I’m guessing you are neither if you are reading this article. So, an average person like you and me should start with something interesting. Mention something you saw on their profile that got you interested.

For instance, if you saw his profile picture whereby he is proudly wearing a Manchester United jersey, maybe you could start the conversation with “hey, do you think ManU can win this time in the semis?” The offer of interaction would be answered instantly, and seven times out of ten you would get a reply back. You can also start with a compliment like “hey, you’re cute”. Use proper grammar even though "text speak" is becoming a norm these days.

#2 Keep Talking

You already know by now that keeping a person interested into a conversation is tough. You only have a handful of engaging things to say after the great opener. Try to be witty, that would incite witty replies. You can ask follow up questions about the person like “You work at a bank, I would definitely steal some if I was there the next time. Would you stop me?” If the person says yes, retort with “but why would you, I can give you infinite cheese and crackers!” Keep it funny and keep it interesting. Playful teasing can go a long way in creating engaging conversations.

#3 All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

Which means, don’t be a bore. As stated earlier, being a little playful can go a long way. It’s actually very hard to understand what kind of conversation the other person might like, so you have to let them say something about themselves first. After they comply, you can make up unoffending playful replies that would get them invested in you. Don’t talk about your work, if the question comes up, just say that you are training to be a lion tamer. Sarcasm is okay, but use sarcasm in a playful conversation and don’t direct it to the other person.

#4 Don’t be a Petitioner

There are only a handful of questions you can ask before all the replies to your witty lines come as “lol”. “Lol” in reply is terrible news, and you must do something to rectify yourself. Respond in time. Don’t keep them hanging or waiting, and don’t ignore them too much. A little bit of indifference is good, but not a lot, because people would move away from your online grasp. Also, don’t be a petitioner, which means don’t request other people to talk. If they aren’t interested in talking, stiffen up your upper lip and catch some new fish.

#5 Knowing your limits

Keep your talks light and engage yourself just enough to make sure the other person keeps coming. You can use self-deprecating humor sometimes, but beware, that can become irritating after a little while. You are on the internet and you come across numerous posts and stuff, so share! Share to get a wide range of emotions from the other person. It isn’t a rule that you might share something funny always. You can also find common ground between the two of you.

Also, people forget to take it slow. Imagine flirting as a lush countryside with a Tuscan sun above. Do you feel like rushing through such a scenery? No? Then why are you rushing through flirting? Take it slow, take it all in and enjoy the ride. First know the other person properly. Also, be a mystery. Don’t oversell yourself, or overstate yourself. Don’t go into detailed explanations. Explain in a line and see the emotional events unfurl on the other side.

Flirting isn’t easy... and more so if it’s done online, but once you go through this article, you would realize that it isn’t that hard. You just need some guidance, like we all do. Don’t fear it and don’t discourage yourself. Give it a try and practice, practice and practice!

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