Scientifically-Proven Ways to Online Dating

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Much like you trust teeth hygiene tips from your dentist more than from the toilet cleaner, these are methods compiled by scientific researchers in the online dating field using hundreds of thousands of data collected from across multiple online dating sites and platforms. These methods are as "legit" as it gets! Diary of a Dater - Scientifically-Proven Ways to Online Dating

Online dating is probably the single best thing ever created for socially awkward people, that’s like 85% of the population. The idea is simple, you open a dating website, like, follow and chat with someone and chances are that people would like you back, and you two (or three, or four) would hit it off nicely. Online dating is "easy" or that’s what people like to believe.

In reality however, online dating is tough and there will only be the rare few occasions where you would come across people who can change your black-and-white world by filling it with color... and we may just have the tips you need to make this happen more often. After all, you wouldn't want to waste too much of your time on people that you may not like.

These methods that we speak of is no mere dating methods passed down from generation to generation, or tips that was derived from anecdotes from a friend of a friend... no siree! These are scientifically-proven methods compiled by scientific researchers in the online dating field using hundreds of thousands of data collected from willing daters from across multiple online dating sites and platforms. Much like you trust teeth hygiene tips from your dentist more than from the toilet cleaner, these are tips given by the people who have been in the business for years and have the know-how to reach enlightenment as a love guru if there is even such a thing.


Yes, it matters. Don’t think too much about being “fake”, you are not, and you shouldn’t put a frank insight into your personality, because people are choosy, and they can choose to leave you if their tastes don’t match yours. So it doesn’t hurt to be a bit reserved. That being said, there should be a decent amount of polish on your personality and overall character. Same goes for your profile too.

A good profile shows a good and inviting face and a striking “About Me”. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you can’t do many things about that, but what you can do, is brush up your profile and set the best photo of yours. However, there are rules here. Humans love a side picture, and you probably should go with one, and do not use over exposed shots of yourself. Most people want to see if you are a fun, outgoing person, and displaying your abs or your butt doesn’t convey the message.


Two things you must know: sincerity and funny lines. That’s it. That’s all it takes to write a striking-in-the-first-glance profile. Do not use over the top jokes that are too intellectual to be understood, also do not use sarcasm in your profile. You can write a simple “About Me” paragraph and finish it with one or two quirky lines. These days people are just too bored to read entire paragraphs, so find one or two words to express certain qualities in yourself, and oh, use commas.

People often forget their “About Me” is not their CV and end up over praising themselves. Imagine describing yourself to a complete stranger, it is awkward and it is fun, isn’t it? Just remember that while writing out an “About Me”. Open up, and don’t be afraid. Your profile might not appeal to everybody, but then again, you will only date one person, so why care about pleasing everyone?

Hi there!

A first approach online begins with typing a handful of words to get them interested. If you are an attractive female, you might get lots of messages and you only reply to those that appeal to you. If you are a male, you might want to think like a woman. Set up a profile of an attractive woman and monitor what kind of messages you get, and what kind of messages do you feel like replying to. Yes, even an attractive woman who gets a lot of messages would open those messages that are really interesting.

Learn from the people who have messaged your “female” profile and use words from their sentences. A good tip is to properly read their profile and see what they like. You will have a reply if he/she finds you both have something in common.

Some Extra Tips

• The first tip is not to guess what the other person wants. It’s better if you go around gathering information, which can be done by viewing their profile or just by talking to them.
• The second tip is to be forthright about your dating intentions. If people are looking for a serious relationship while you’re looking for a more casual one, you will stick out like a sore thumb, and would essentially be put down.

All in all, don’t be in a rush, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take your time and explore the world of online dating. It has its highs and lows, but you have to admit, it is full of online adventures!

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